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C&S Custom Calls: “Finally a Call Company that Stands Out”

When visiting the C&S Custom Calls online store, you will not find fancy promotional videos, cliché outdoor photography, or over priced logo wear posing as the Prada of the outdoor industry, you’ll simply find Mike Stelzner and his two dogs from which the company received its name.

I starting making calls in the late 1990’s, mostly fiddling with turkey pot calls and wing bone calls. My love for calls and calling led me to start making duck and goose calls, which became an instant addiction.  It didn’t take long and I had more people asking for calls than I could handle so I opened up C&S!  The name is derived from our two founding CEO’s, Cheyenne and Shelby, our Golden Retrievers who are now hunting in Heaven.  Our new ladies Callie and Sadie keep us working hard though!
– Mike Stelzner

C&S Custom Calls is physically located in Zumbrota, Minnesota, but thanks to social media and online shopping the company is making a massive impact on the hunting industry nationwide. Founded in 2004, C&S possesses an array of awards in both decorative and operational classes. Of the numerous awards, too many to list, 2016 Nationals 1st Best of Show Call Maker of the Year, and 2016 Nationals 1st place Acrylic Duck, 1st & 2nd Place SR Goose, 1st Place Flute, 1st Place Whistle, 1st Place Antler Call, and 1st Place Matched Set seem to validate the company’s motto of “unmatched innovation and superior sound.” However, all of these accolades are not the secret to the success of C&S Custom Calls, the success is a direct result of a company founded on relationships and focused on the needs of outdoorsman in pursuit of a memory. There are many boutique call companies that produce quality calls, but the second the C&S box arrives on the doorstep you join a family (check out their fan page on Facebook if you don’t believe me).

These calls are made right in our shop, in small batches, and are bounce off the wall durable. These are like nothing else on the market today! The Die Hard calls are more durable than any acrylic call, with a sound that’s all their own, not to mention they are wicked looking, affordably priced, and built to last!

– C&S Custom Calls

For the typical waterfowl enthusiast simply seeking to take his or her calling to the next level and looking for a new waterfowl call that performs flawlessly at a fraction of the price tag of the boutique competition calls are selling for, the C&S Die Hard Series calls are for you. At $80 for a Die Hard Series Duck Call, the average hunter can use and abuse the call and have spare change to buy extra shotgun shells… you are going to need them!

If fancy is more of your style, C&S Signature Series Calls may be right up your alley. At a price range that is typical of other call companies mass produced calls, $140-$175, C&S will place a truly one-of-a-kind call on your lanyard. This call will not only drop jaws at the boat ramp, but out perform on the water and in the field.

Our Signature Series Calls are uniquely built one at a time and no two are alike. They are made of non-stock acrylic colors, stabilized woods, rare exotic woods, rare manmade materials, and anything else we feel like building a call out of. Some may have unique laser engraving and paint fill, or be adorned with extra bands. Each and every Signature Series Call is designed and built for use in the field, just like our stock hunting models.

– C&S Custom Calls

Regardless of skill level, waterfowl being pursued, or style desired C&S Custom Calls has a lineup for you and they are willing and able to make a call that is tailored to fit your every need.

Family Focused and Christ Centered
The most attractive aspect of C&S Custom Calls is the emphasis on family and the foundation of the company, faith in Jesus Christ. The verse that seems to be the epicenter of the entire operation at C&S is Ephesians 2:20, “Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”

My name is Mike Stelzner and I live with my wife Sarah, our sons Bryan & Eli, and our two retrievers Callie and Sadie in the small town of Zumbrota, Minnesota. God is at the center of our home and we strive to follow him where he leads us! We do as much as we can to support several growing organizations focused on God, Family, and our veterans… The shop is always open to you; feel free to contact me about setting up a time to visit!

– Mike Stelzner

When you support C&S Custom Calls, either by purchasing a call that is unmatched in innovation and unsurpassed in its superior sound, or by sharing the page on Facebook, rest assured that the company you are supporting is conducting itself in a manner that is moral and ethical in all that it does. C&S Custom Calls is truly a company that stands out among the rest and is well deserving of a trip to the field on your lanyard next season.