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It’s Water Off a Duxbak…

Confession time… I have been a trend chaser for a while now. I love being in the loop and having the newest gear everyone wants. Trust me, I have a closet full of the hottest camouflage systems of (enter year of your choice). Being an industry photographer has proven to only make my condition worse. However, I have officially been cured, and I want to help you overcome your addiction to pop-camo as well.

Duxbak has recently stormed onto the scene with a line of gear, from workwear to waterfowl and upland systems, that are a fraction of the cost of other popular brands and equal or higher quality. Don’t let this recent spike in recognition fool you, they have the reputation to back them up,

“[In] 1904 they created a line of sturdy and reliable, water-repellent clothing specifically designed to meet the needs of outdoorsmen across the country. The goods immediately were recognized by hunters, fishermen, and anyone who recreated in the great outdoors.”


When heritage comes natural, you know you are in the right place. These years of experience mean that they have worked out the kinks and this is the coat you will someday pass on to your grandkids. 

If you are a “normal” consumer that is not benefiting from marketing schemes like “guide and outfitter discounts,” Duxbak is going to be your best bet for quality to cost ratio. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some gear and I want to let you know what I think. 

The Cold Front Jacket was by far my favorite piece of Duxbak gear. On a late season hunt in Oklahoma, it was 30 degrees (real feel 14) and raining. The Cold Front Jacket truly did shed water like a Duxbak. The coat is thick, but light weight. I never once got cold or wet. The only draw back… no hood. So my neck was a little chilly. So if this is going to be your outer piece, which it should be, be sure what ever you layer with has a hood. Priced at $174, this level of quality cannot be matched by any competitors. 

I layered an old school long underwear shirt like your grandpa still wears under the Original Sportsman Shirt ($89) and threw on my coat. These three layers were sufficient and kept me dry. The Sportsman Shirt is thick and has an extra long tail so your crack doesn’t catch wind while you untangle decoys. This shirt easily pushes through brush and briars and protects your skin from scratches. They also come in solids so you can keep it classy around the office. These are cheaper than most dress shirts and for sure cheaper than other outdoor brand solid button ups.

Lastly, the Fireside Fleece Vest. When I became a dad two years ago, I simultaneously fell in love with vests. This vest is warm, doesn’t make you look fat… even though dad bods are in right now, and has a cell phone pocket so you don’t have to wedge the iPhone 16 into your pants pockets which weren’t made like they used to be. I went with the olive color. For less than $100, you might as well add this accessory, dare I say necessity, to your cart.

All of this to say, don’t worry about trends, worry about quality. You want gear that will withstand the test of time, and look good doing it. Shed water with your Duxbak and I’ll see you in the blind!