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Product Review: Lucky Waterproof HDi “My Friends are Terrible”

I have terrible friends.

Well, that’s a tad dramatic. I have friends that are a real pain sometimes.

Ever been on a hunt and found yourself to be the only one that did not “forget” their waders? That happened to be me on the coldest morning that early season in Oklahoma has seen in a while. Now don’t make me out to be a saint, I have played the “left-my-waders-at-home-wallet’s-in-the-truck” card a time or two, but this particular scenario sets the stage for why I will never use a motion decoy besides the Lucky Duck Waterproof HDi again.

It was about 9:10am, the crew was restless and doubting the arrival of the 9 o’clock flight. I decided to take the dog in an attempt to harvest a wounded goose that had sailed to the other end of the watershed. This is no surprise because I am the only one wearing waders. Remember that part of the story? After what seemed like a mile but turned out to be just over 200 yards, I received a cell phone call at 9:20am. (Notice I have been walking for about 10-15 minutes.

My terrible friends are standing at the shoreline watching as the Lucky Waterproof HDi slowly descends towards a water landing.

They call to notify me of the impending doom and their lack of the ability to help because they were without waders. 

At this point, you may be asking, “it’s waterproof, so what?” Well, touché. However, just because something is waterproof, doesn’t mean you want to submerge your $100 product on day one. Much less, allow your motion decoy to become a splasher decoy for the duration of a 20 minute walk back. So what did I do?

Began training for a marathon.

I jogged, at what felt like a quick clip. The gallery cheered, commenting on my jog and referencing a pregnant yak. Did I mention my friends are terrible? Upon arrival 4 minutes later… pretty good time in waders, I rescued the Lucky Waterproof HDi from baptism in the pond and planted the stake back into the muddy bottom. I never hit the off button, no drying process, and the decoy flapped its heart out for the remainder of the hunt.

The 9 o’clock flight you ask? Well they finished at about 10:15 right on top of the Lucky Waterproof HDi. I didn’t shoot, I was still hyperventilating. Go get one these… they are sweet… and FULLY waterproof. Trust me.

See you in the blind.