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Product Review: Traeger Grills

Perfect temperature, perfect taste, every time. Traeger has single-handedly re-invented the eating at home, and at the campsite, experience. What was once a charred hotdog or burnt hamburger, is now a camp cuisine not soon to be forgotten. This grill can turn a beginner into a master and the experienced into a legend. A Traeger grill will change your life, trust me.

We all have those dramatic flashbacks to burnt burgers, and chicken so tough the dog chews it like a bone, from college or early days of marriage. Learning to cook is a chore that some never conquer. Luckily, the ashes of the past can be forgotten because Traeger grills has provided the tools necessary to make your skills the talk of the party. I am going to personally share the three keys to success that Traeger provides that allowed me to turn my patio into my favorite restaurant.

The first key to success is temperature control. The difficulty with other styles of grilling is the time and energy it takes to regulate a constant temperature. These other grilling methods result in two byproducts, burnt dinner and time away from family.

“Traeger’s ease of use and simple controls let you focus on what matters: your food, your family, and your friends. Our digitally controlled convection heating system simplifies wood-fired cooking, allowing for easy temperature settings, just like your oven. So whether you’re perfecting a recipe or watching the game, Traeger has you covered.”

– Traeger

The convection heating system allows both the beginner and advanced grill master to have faith that their meat will not burn but have a consistent cook. Kiss those charcoal carcinogens goodbye and pick up your wood fired gift from above. The second key to success that Traeger provides the competitive grill master, or average consumer like me, is 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets. Traeger insures the quality of their pellets by running their own pellet mills.

“It takes top-performing pellets to have a top-performing grill, as well as the ultimate flavor and taste, so Traeger ensures that only the best hardwood is used. This also means implementing three to five burn tests a week at our mills to make sure we’re achieving consistency, and perfect smoke, you can rely on bag after bag.”

– Traeger

These pellets provide the perfect smoke flavor to burgers, hotdogs, as well as brisket, and baby backs. Traeger pellets produce success every time the grill is fired up.

The third key to successful BBQ on the porch is Traeger Recipes. For someone like me that has a low BBQ-IQ, I rely on research, and steps 1 and 2, to provide a top-notch dining experience at home. For me, it was easiest to hop on the app store and download the Traeger app. When the app is open, simply tap the recipe tab at the bottom and use the search bar to navigate 100’s of tried and true recipes. I haven’t tried them all… but not a single one has let me down yet. Also, subscribe to emails and receive insider tips… your first free one from me today is,


– Brandon Trentham, Amateur Grill Master

I have personally owned two Traeger models, the Junior Elite 20 and the Timberline 850. These grills are both unique and have different strengths (no weaknesses here). The Junior Elite 20 is my go to truck bed acquaintance. I load that thing up and haul it everywhere. I test gear and abuse it and this grill is no different. I have taken over burgers at friend’s houses and grilled lakeside with the Junior Elite and it is durable and provides the same great smoke flavor that its big boy cousin the Timberline 850 does on the home-front. In fact, just last night the Junior Elite tipped over while I was wheeling it into Papa’s back yard (Dad tip: when it comes between saving the grill and the toddler, choose the toddler) and the grill hit the ground hard. I picked it up, scooped the pellets I could save back into the hopper and we had flawlessly smoked chicken in no time.

And on the 8th day, we were given Traeger WiFire. Just when it couldn’t get any better, Traeger saved me from the 100+ degree Oklahoma heat. From my chair, while watching the Sportsman Channel, I can pull up the Traeger app and not only monitor my grill, but communicate with Sheryl (that is what we lovingly named the Timberline 850). I have the ability, from the app, to change temperature, set timers, set an alarm to my meat thermometer, as well as initiate the SuperSmoke process. BBQ has never before been this easy.

It is simple, a Traeger grill will leave you homesick at any restaurant you go to, it will bring your family closer together as you meet around the table, and your legacy will live on as the neighborhood grill master.

Until next time…

See you in the blind.