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The Family Man

I am very excited to have Eastmans’ Outdoor Journal’s Wingmen pick up this article. The is one of the most raw and challenging articles I have written. My prayer for this piece is that outdoorsman, or just the normal dad, would open this and read it. Accept the challenge to re-evaluate how we spend our time and money and focus on raising our family. This challenge includes growing spiritually, emotionally, and being aware that every one of our actions has consequences.

As you prepare for the fall, and dream of all that this season could turn into, I would challenge you to also dream for your marriage. What could you do different this year to grow your marriage? ¬†How can you invest into your kid’s life? How can you transform the time you have into quality time with each other? What are you pursuing this season?

As always, this post is for me more than it is for you. Please click the image and go read the article and if you decide to take the challenge, share the article to your social media so others can hold you accountable and take the challenge too.

See you in the blind…

Click the image above to read the full article as published by Eastmans’ Wingmen