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The “Other” Brandon

I get butterflies when I see two names pop up on my phone… My wife, Eden Trentham, and one of my longest friends, Brandon Biles. The “other” Brandon is a few years younger than me. I can remember hunting public land with Brandon before he had his driver’s license and waterfowl-wisdom, both of which, he now possesses. As teenagers, we would leave the house at 1:30 a.m. and run with all the decoys we could carry, afford, or borrow, to that “honey hole” that’s been holding a MILLION (maybe 30) birds.

Biles, as his friends call him, has far surpassed me in Waterfowl I.Q. since we were those teenage kids simply trying to not get skunked. Brandon has a work ethic like none other I’ve met in the waterfowl industry. He is the brains behind the operation putting in countless hours, and miles (proven by a whopping 200,000 miles on ole’ Clifford the F-150), scouting and preparing in order to provide unsurpassed hunts for his clients. Biles has a strong personality and lives a life devoted to Jesus Christ. I believe his drive is mainly to blame for his success as a waterfowl guide. With access to thousands of acres, Biles is able to minister to those he shares the blind with and constantly strive to better the reputation of the outdoor industry. I count it a blessing each time I hear him yell “take-em,” and am proud to call him a friend.

On November 24, 2017, the final weekend before the waterfowl season split in our home state of Oklahoma, I got that text message from the “other” Brandon inviting me to come shoot some pictures of a hunt he had booked. With a great group of clients and a solid field lined up, I could do nothing more than take a TUMS after the Turkey digested and load up the truck.

At an astonishingly early meeting time of 3:45, we loaded up the decoy trailer and hit the road. Before the rooster crowed we tackled the task of putting out 4 dozen decoys and brushing in the blinds. When the group of clients arrived, it was time for a great hunt.

From first light until the last pass, we had constant action and it was evident that, yet again, Biles had proven himself, through hard work and persistence, to provide an experience for clients that would not soon be forgotten. Along for the ride, with the Canon in tote, I sat back and had a 50-yard line seat for the show and snapped each memory in the making.

From Gadwall to Greenheads and honkers galore, this mixed bag hunt was a great success.  This is of course no surprise with Biles driving the operation. If you are wanting to get your family out and experience the outdoors in a Christian atmosphere, or invite that work buddy that you may not have the courage to invite to church on Sunday, get in contact with Brandon. He always seems to find the “X.” Trust me, these hunts are a one of a kind… and if you are really lucky, I may even be there to take a picture of you in action!

See you in the blind!

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