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I have been an outdoorsman ever since the epiphany that I am no good at video games. From the age of five, my father had me in the woods or on the boat. I am grateful for his patience in the field with the youngster in tote. It has made me who I am and the father I wish to become. I am blessed to serve on staff at a local church teaching children about the love of Christ. I have the ability to use the outdoors to bring families together and drive home the beauty of creation.

From the age of five, my father had me in the woods or on the boat.

My wife, Eden Trentham, is my encourager, think tank partner, and editor. She is a wonderful mother to our daughter, Aspen Grace Trentham, and is effortlessly “Mom of the Year” (every year). Our family is not perfect, but neither is any ministry or church… our goal is to give glory to God and share our hearts with those around us.

I am joined in the blind by our four-legged daughter, Lady. She is a four year old black Labrador with the drive of a six month old. I have returned from work many times to find Eden and Lady running through the halls…playing…disciplining… chasing… (the truth is in the perspective I suppose) one another. This is my life… thanks for joining me in the field.

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My name is Brandon Trentham and I grew up in Tulsa, OK. I can remember as a boy, my dad introducing me to duck hunting and I have been hooked ever since. I didn’t even pull the trigger on that first outing to a farm pond, nor did I have camouflage or waders on, but […]

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Embracing Inefficiency

I am always encouraged when sharing the blind, or the field, with other believers. It is truly a blessing to experience iron sharpening iron in the natural element. A recent discussion centered around a term that has probably been widely used and I cannot claim as my own, is “embrace inefficiency.” The mention of this […]

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