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Southern Flight Outdoors

After spending a majority of the 2017-18 waterfowl season with Southern Flight Outdoors, I can honestly say it is a one-of-a-kind expedition. Experiencing the outdoors always seems to dwindle to memories of the countless laughs, surprises, and meals that are a result of the harvest. While sitting to a bountiful table of fowl, and of course mashed potatoes and gravy, I can’t help but remember the early mornings of a great season. I want to be the first to invite you to hunt with Southern Flight Outdoors next season… keep reading to find out what you should expect!

Southern Flight Outdoors is owned and operated by John Hill and his trusted guide Chad Guthrie. They are truly two of the most knowledgable “waterfowlers” I have had the privilege of joining in the field.

At SFO, the experience is unique because most guide services pride themselves on having everything set up so the clients can be just that… clients. This may be fun for some, but at Southern Flight Outdoors, John and Chad take the time to explain the why behind the how. Being their honorary photographer, I was able to watch them show countless clients how to set up the decoy spread for the specific situation each morning. Taking wind, weather patterns, scouting reports, and that “gut” feeling into consideration, SFO  allows the hunters to take part in the decisions. This is unique to Southern Flight Outdoors and is great for hunters to learn the sport and hopefully be able to take what they learned back to their personal honey holes.

The Southern Flight Outdoors decoy arsenal

Teaching is crucial to our sport surviving for generations and SFO doesn’t take that task lightly. As an added bonus, in an effort to grow our sport, kids under 13 hunt for FREE. That’s right, FREE. So if you have a child that you want to get on a great hunt, 2018 spots are booking fast!

Southern Flight Outdoors runs hunts all over Oklahoma but a majority of the hunts are only 45 minutes from Tulsa. This allows locals, who are used to driving hours for a good pile pic, to sleep in a bit before a great hunt in the center of the universe. Armed with the best gear in the market, SFO hunts over fields, flooded timber, river bottoms, and pretty much any other situation you read about in the magazines.

What To Expect:

As you pull up to meet the guys, you will see a trailer with LED light bars turning night to day allowing the morning set up to take place.

Inside the UFO (that is what I thought the trailer was the first time I saw it) is 13 dozen full body duck decoys, 10 dozen duck floating decoys, 5 dozen goose full body decoys, 4 dozen goose floating decoys, and 10 dozen Dive Bomb Industries goose silhouettes… now you know how much work goes into each experience. At SFO, we like to call it an experience because each trip to the field is about so much more than killing waterfowl. Southern Flight Outdoors prides itself on providing a memory with each trip to the field. After the decoys are strategically placed to form a picture from the birds’ eye view (hopefully a beautiful picture), you will tuck into either a layout blind, or an A-Frame blind with heaters and snacks. As the sun makes an appearance and the birds begin to fly, you will be serenaded by the guides who are all on staff with C&S Custom Calls. As the calls sing a sweet song, the birds will, hopefully, cup those wings and float into range of your shotguns. Right when the birds’ landing gear deploys, Chad or John will yell, “take em,” and the guns will erupt like a violent thunderstorm. As the birds fall like rain, you will be reminded that the early morning and hard work was all worth it!

Guides John Hill (right) and Chad Guthrie (left) alongside flagging specialist and the most physically fit hunter in the world, Shane Fester (center)

Guide Chad Guthrie playing his favorite instrument… the C&S Custom Calls Speck special.

John (left) and Chad (right) pose by a late season Oklahoma bounty

Now What?

Head over to Facebook and like Southern Flight Outdoors, visit the website, and book your hunt for 2018. If it all works out, I may even join your hunt and take pictures for the memory.

Until next year…

See you in the blind.

Clients keep warm in the A-Frame blind between flights